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Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Honours Programme of Pharmaceutical Sciences is meant for those bachelor students (both Pharmacy and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) who feel that the normal curriculum does not provide enough challenge or in-depth knowledge. It gives you the opportunity to follow honours-level courses, to get an impression of the ongoing research activities within the department, and to initiate new projects on an individual basis or together with fellow-students with the same ambition level. The choice of the topic of these extracurricular projects is in your hands as honours students, often nourished by your individual interests. As such, the content of an Honours Programme will be unique for each of you and tailored to your own interests. As part of the honours community, you are entitled to a small budget to initiate new projects and to follow honours-level courses. In addition, you will have access to your own BaseCamp within the David de Wied building to work together on projects or invite honours students from other departments or universities.


The overall aim of the Honours Programme is to make the learning experience for the gifted students more enticing and challenging and to prepare you for a leading role in the pharmaceutical field, be it academic, public or hospital pharmacy, or industry.


The Honours Programme entails a total of 45 ECTS, divided over 2.5 years, of which 25-30 ECTS are allocated to honours-level courses (not applicable to CPS students) and 15-20 ECTS for extracurricular activities and projects (for both PS and CPS students). Part of these extracurricular activities (5-7.5 ECTS) will be organised in the Interdisciplinary Module of the Honours Academy (Osiris BETA-B2HRI) in which all honours programmes of the Faculty of Science participate, see link in the sidebar to the left for more information. These include the organisation of interdisciplinary symposia and an excursion to one of the many European research institutes.


Examples of honours projects that have been initiated in the past are; the organization of a mini-symposium on Fraud in Science, writing a book on Pharmacy for laymen, following a Ph.D. level course on Immunology, organising a workshop mind mapping, or initiating a research internship at a research group in the Netherlands or abroad. An overview of projects can be found at Important to note is that there are no strict guidelines of what an honours project should look like as long as it is related to pharmaceutical sciences. This gives you the full freedom to follow your personal interests and to explore your potential and limitations.

Added values

When you have fulfilled the ECTS criteria you will be awarded an internationally recognised honours certificate which will list the projects you have initiated during your honours programme. In addition, it provides you with a lifelong professional network for HP alumni.

Further details on the Pharmaceutical Sciences honours programme can be found in the manual below. Alternatively, click here for contacting details.

Manual – Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018-2019