Science Honours Academy

Interdisciplinary Module

The students from all the Science Faculty honours programmes participate together in the Interdisciplinary Module (Osiris BETA-B2HRI). This module consists of a set of extra-curricular activities aiming at providing added value skills and experiences besides their disciplinary honours programme. In this interdisciplinary community, you have the opportunity to organise in cooperation with your colleagues from other departments a broad spectrum of events ranging from symposia, an international trip, group projects, and skills workshops. The objectives of these activities are as follows:

  • To build a strong interdisciplinary community.
  • To familiarise students with interdisciplinary approaches to scientific research.
  • To prepare the students to cooperate and communicate at an academic level outside their own area of expertise.
  • To stimulate global awareness and a deeper understanding of how science can contribute to tackling global societal challenges.
  • To develop networking and leadership skills.
  • To provide the students with international experience.


The number of credits that you are required to complete in the Interdisciplinary Module is 7.5 ECTS. These credits are part of the 15 ECTS points that you are required to acquire in addition to the 180 ECTS in your regular bachelor’s programme. Most of the activities take place during the second and third year of the honours programme.


The objectives of this module are achieved through a wide set of activities. Together with your colleagues, you will have relative freedom and responsibility (within certain parameters) in planning, participating and evaluating activities such as:

  • Projects where students work in groups with students from different departments to learn about topical inter- and cross-disciplinary research subjects and approaches. Symposia in interdisciplinary themes to bring students in contact with leading researchers and science-based companies (e.g. energy solutions, water, data mining, food, nanotechnology, ..).
  • An annual visit to leading international centres of research and technology elsewhere in Europe with an interdisciplinary focus (e.g. Heidelberg, Cambridge, Oxford, CERN Geneva).
  • Visit research institutes and science-based companies to integrate with the honours educational programme specialised topics on societal challenges in areas such as food, nutrition, energy, health, and sustainability.

Take a look at the Interdisciplinary Honours Brochure for an impression of the Science Faculty honours programme. Further details on the interdisciplinary module can be found in the Student Guide. Science Honours Academy Student Guide 2020/2021 for students who started in the academic year 2020/2021, Science Honours Academy Student Guide 2019/2020 for students who started in the academic year 2019/2020 or Science Honours Academy Student Guide 2018/2019 for students who started in the academic year 2018/2019. For the latter, a Short Guide has been created as well for a quick overview (Short Guide 2020/2021).