Science Honours Academy


Graduating with honours

Dear SHA student,
This post contains practical information for you concerning graduating with honours. Please read this e-mail carefully, to avoid any problems later.
If you want to receive your honours certificate at the yearly honours graduation ceremony in October 2022, you should…
(1) Check your SHA points progression on BlackBoard
In order to complete the interdisciplinary honours module (Science Honours Academy), you should obtain enough points in all categories (see SHA Short Guide; attachments OR SHA Student Guide; BlackBoard for more info).
In short, you should obtain at least 6 community points22 educational points and take part in at least 1 interdisciplinary project, 1 SHA Committee and 1 international experience. You can check your current points progress at BlackBoard -> Communities -> Science Honours Academy -> My Grades. It can take a while before points from recent activities are added. If you have questions about (missing) points, please contact Thibault (SHA Secretary;
In case you still miss points, please see the attached file which contains many SHA activities that are still to come this academic year!
(2) Update and complete your SHA portfolio
​Make sure to have a sufficient portfolio before the end of the academic year. This is nothing more than to writing short overviews/reflections of the activities you have taken part in. More detailed information can be found in the SHA Portfolio Guide, see attachments.
For Portfolio-related questions, please contact Menke (SHA Treasurer;
(3) Finish your disciplinary honours module
​The honours certificate proves you have successfully taken part in both the interdisciplinary AND the disciplinary honours modules. The disciplinary honours module differs for each study. If you have questions about completing disciplinary honours, please contact your respective honours coordinator.
(4) Inform us!
Whether you want to graduate, or not (yet), we must know it! After all, we cannot look into your personal agenda/plans. Please fill out this forms where you can inform us about your honours-related plans.
(5) Save the date! ?
The next honours graduation ceremony will take place on October 4th, 2022 from 19:00-21:00 at the prestigious Academy building in Utrecht City Centre. More info will follow later, but if you plan to graduate this academic year, save this date!
That’s it, you’ve made it to the end of the e-mail! As always, we are available to answer any questions you may still have, and we hope to see you during upcoming SHA activities!