Science Honours Academy


30 November 2022
09:30 - 17:00
Cosmos, Koningsbergergebouw

Symposium Aging by QBio

On behalf of the Quantitative Biology (QBio) Master’s honours programme, we would like to invite you (again) to join us for an exciting, day-long symposium themed around aging!

All SHA students are invited to join this symposium and will be rewarded with 4 educational points. In order to receive these points, you will have to attend the entire event.

Old, older, oldest: We are happy to invite you to the 2022 QBio symposium ‘Age is just a number’ on Wednesday, November 30th! Together with five interesting guest speakers from research institutions all over The Netherlands, we will dive into the aging process of humans, wine, and even the universe. The symposium is open to anyone interested in the concepts of age and aging in the life and natural sciences. And yes, free lunch, coffee and drinks are included.

Find out more about the topics, speakers and program on our website.

Date: Wednesday 30 November, 2022
Location: Cosmos, Koningsbergergebouw
Points: 4 educational points

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