Science Honours Academy


12 May 2022

Symposium: Qbio ‘The brain in numbers’

Dear honours student,
The brain is an impressive organ, in terms of both the complexity of its structure, and the wide range of its functions. It can be used to process visual data, coordinate movement, or write poetry. Additionally, as the 5 guest speakers on this day shall illustrate: the brain can be used to study the brain! ? Together they will cover the brain’s structure and workings at different levels and from different angles. All with a quantitative twist ?

The symposium is open to anyone who is interested in this elusive organ or in quantitative biology in general. ? During the day lunch and coffee/tea will be provided. ?

? Thursday May 12th, 2022 9:00-16:00 (or partly)? Victor J. Koningsbergerbuilding (different rooms)
?️ For attending either the morning or the afternoon, you will receive 2 educational points
?️ For attending both sessions, you will receive 4 educational points
Sign up here (May 4th at the latest)
We hope to see many of your interested faces during this day! There is also a website where you can find information about the full day schedule, locations & speakers. Check it out here! ?️
Kind regards,
SHA Student Board 2021/2022