Science Honours Academy


Frequently asked questions

* I heard I should be registered at Osiris for honours. I am not. Did I do something wrong or should I take action?

Answer: You do not have to register yourself; it is the responsibility of your departmental coordinator to ensure that this is done. All science honours students must be registered in the Interdisciplinary Module, Osiris code BETA-B2HRI, throughout the second and third years of your bachelor degree. Inform your coordinator if you are not registered.

* If you have to be registered at Osiris for honours, will they count as a course? (And will that influence the amount of courses I can take during one period?)

Answer: The Interdisciplinary Module, Osiris code BETA-B2HRI, does not count as a regular course. As an honours student you have to be registered in the Interdisciplinary Module during the second and third year of your bachelor degree. You will gather 7.5 ECTS in this module and these are part of the 15 ECTS you must acquire in addition to the 180 ECTS from your regular bachelors programme. (This does not count as a regular course so it does not influence the number of courses you take in each period.)

* I am confused, what are the SHA and the interdisciplinary programme?

Answer: The SHA is the Science Honours Academy, the honours school that includes all the honours programmes of the Science Faculty. The interdisciplinary module of the honours programme, is a special two years long ‘course’ which consists of several extra-curricular activities, registered in Osiris as BETA-B2HRI. All honours students have to be registered in this module, throughout the second and third years of their bachelor degree. The SHA Student Board mostly regulates the interdisciplinary activities, while the departemental coordinators manage the disciplinary programmes. 

* I know we are supposed to keep a list of things we have done for ECTS already. Where can I check that list?

Answer: We keep track of your earned ECTS on our Blackboard page (the Science Honours Academy community). In your grades you can find a record of the ECTS you have acquired in the interdisciplinary module and the activities for which you received these credits.

* Can the information sheet of the welcome event be found somewhere online?

Answer: All information sheets can be found in the Blackboard community.

* Can you also earn ECTS for the interdisciplinary module by attending activities outside of the SHA?

Answer: Yes. To check whether you can earn ETCS for a certain event, you should mail our Education Officer with the details of the event and a short explanation why this event is interdisciplinary and what you will learn.

* If you are a first year student that is already participating in your disciplinary honours programme (usually around March – June), can I already attend interdisciplinary events?

Answer: Yes. While the introduction event only takes place in September/October, you can attend our events immediately when you are registered to the honours programme.