Science Honours Academy

Prospective Students

It is possible for you to participate in an honours programme at Utrecht University. An honours programme provides you with stimulating challenges on top of a regular university curriculum. These will give you the opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge, to get you acquainted with research at an early stage of your studies, to have the chance to explore across the borders of your discipline, and to gain international experience.

The Science Honours Academy

All the students of the Science Faculty honours programmes are part of the Science Honours Academy where they work together on a wide range of activities within an interdisciplinary component. Usually the selection of students for their honours programme starts in the second half of their first year. At the start of the second year the Academy offers you the opportunity to participate in an international trip to a famous European university city and visit its research institutes. Take a look at the Interdisciplinary Honours Brochure for an impression of the science honours programme.

What does an honours programme consist of?

During an honours programme you will follow nearly 20% of your disciplinary studies at honours level. The type and nature of the studies carried out at honours level depends on the particular departmental programme. Additionally, you will work on interdisciplinary projects and activities together with science honours students from different departments in the joint module offered by the Science Honours Academy.

What can you bring and contribute to the programme?

As an honours student you will have many opportunities to organise events like seminars or symposia with guest lectures that are expert on topics you would like to learn more about or visits to companies and research institutes in the Netherlands or abroad. The honours programmes and the Science Honours Academy offers you a chance to develop your talents and to explore your potential to the fullest.