Science Honours Academy


The Honours programme of Chemistry challenges excellent students to develop their talents via activities that complement the regular curriculum, improving their chances in future professional life. Besides acquiring additional in-depth knowledge of chemistry, you gain an interdisciplinary perspective on science, are oriented on the job market, and train academic skills relevant in scientific research.


In the first academic year, you are invited to apply for admission to the honours programme starting in the second semester, and a second and final enrollment opportunity is given in June. Admission criteria include grades, a letter of motivation, the curriculum vitae, and an interview with the honours coordinator. You graduate with honours if you have completed the Chemistry curriculum by the end of the third academic year, passing each exam without retake, maintaining an average grade of at least 7.5, and successfully completing a set of honours activities that fulfills the administrative guidelines.


The honours programme of Chemistry has three main types of activities:

  1. Honours options. Within regular courses of the Chemistry curriculum, you have the option to complete additional special assignments that go beyond what is expected of regular students and that do not overlap with courses in later academic years. An alternative is for you to take part in courses of the Descartes College, which invites honours students from all faculties of the university to reflect together on the role of science in society.
  2. Initiation to scientific research. In the second academic year, you visit scientific groups of the Chemistry Department and are introduced to the research via presentations, demonstrations, and interactive tasks. You are also initiated to the more applied type of research in chemical companies. In contrast to regular students, you start work on your bachelor thesis right from the start of the third academic year, writing and defending your own research proposal. In this way, you are better prepared when you start the practical activities in the research group in the second half of the academic year.
  3. Interdisciplinary activities. Together with honours students from other disciplines of the Science Faculty (Osiris BETA-B2HRI), you organise and participate in various activities: symposia, workshops, interdisciplinary group projects, visits of national research institutions, and travel to foreign universities.

Further details on the Chemistry honours programme can be found in the manual below. Alternatively, click here for contacting details.

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