Science Honours Academy

Information Science

The Department of Information and Computing Sciences provides training in Computer Science and Information Science. Since the academic year 2014/2015, it offers honours programmes in both areas. You join the programme during their first year of undergraduate studies.

The honours programmes are aimed at outstanding students that are looking for extra challenges in their study and are interested in research. The programmes consist of three main components:

  • Existing courses with additional in-depth assignments.
  • Research orientation through the independent design and implementation of a research project.
  • Knowledge widening through extra maths or computer science courses by following the Faculty-wide interdisciplinary programme.

Going in-depth

This takes place mainly in the introduction projects. More specifically, for computer science in the software project and in information science in the research project. In these courses, you will be given more challenging assignments that require further research in order to achieve good solutions. You can also come up with their own suggestions for extensions to their projects.

Research Orientation

During your studies, you will participate in a number of excursions to ICT companies. This will introduce you to various areas of computer sciences. In preparation for the honours thesis, you will talk with the coordinator about the different areas of research in computer and information sciences that are covered by the department. You will formulate a research project in one of these areas in consultation with an expert on the research topic and will then carry on the research independently and defend the results.

Interdisciplinary activities

You will also participate in the activities that are organised in the Interdisciplinary Module of the faculty of Sciences. These are symposia, workshops, a foreign study trip, and excursions. Many of the activities are organised by the students under the guidance of the coordinator of the module. It is intended that each student also participates in one of the organising committees for these activities.

Further details on the Information Science honours programme can be found in the manual below. Alternatively, click here for contacting details.

Manual – Information Science 2023-24