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International Trip – Vilnius

          It is already a few weeks ago, but it feels like yesterday: the International Trip 2017! This year we went to Vilnius, the beautiful capital…

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Pubquiz – Holidays

On Wednesday the 18th of December our very first pubquiz of 2017/2018 was being held. After a few difficulties in the beginning, like a cancelled space reservation (luckily we could…

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Introduction event 2017-2018

On Monday the 18th of September, the introduction event took place. At this evening, the new honours students got to learn all about the SHA. The new board introduced itself,…

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Masterclass – Pitching your research

Ever listened to a presentation of a classmate or a professor and thought; this is so incredibly boring? Well Hans van de Water who instructed the Masterclass “Pitching your research”…

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National Trip – PRA Health Sciences

On Friday April 21st a group of around 20 students went to Groningen to visit PRA Health Sciences. We left Utrecht station at 10:30 by train. Once we arrived in…

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International trip – Prague

From the 24th to the 28th of April, around 80 SHA students went on the international trip to Prague. The organizing committee had arranged a ton of different activities to…

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Interfacultary Symposium: Regenerative Medicine

The interfacultary symposium of March 29th was organised with a very intriguing topic to everyone who is at least a little bit interested in medicinal research: “Regenerative medicine”. But firstly,…

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Symposium – Light

The SHA symposium on the 9th of February started at 18:15 with drinks and walk-in. After a short introduction the speakers were announced; first on was dr. Dries van Oosten,…

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