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Interfacultary Symposium: Regenerative Medicine

The interfacultary symposium of March 29th was organised with a very intriguing topic to everyone who is at least a little bit interested in medicinal research: “Regenerative medicine”. But firstly,…

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Symposium – Light

The SHA symposium on the 9th of February started at 18:15 with drinks and walk-in. After a short introduction the speakers were announced; first on was dr. Dries van Oosten,…

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1st Interdisciplinary Project Presentations

An interdisciplinary approach strives to broaden perspectives, to find new insights and to solve problems of a certain subject through the collaboration between different disciplines. It’s based upon the theory…

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Masterclass Academic English

On 14th and 16th of December, a series of Masterclasses on Academic English writing was organized by one of the committees of the Science Honours Academy. Many people are confident…

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Artis Trip

On 25th of November, the trip to Artis Royal Zoo took place. The day started off by attending a lecture by dr. E.A. de Jong. He spoke about how the…

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Space Symposium

On Tuesday 15th of November the first SHA symposium of the year took place, themed Space. It was a great success to choose such an interesting and intriguing topic, because…

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Halloween Reception

On the 31st of October, SHA members had the opportunity to attend the Halloween reception. During this event honours students were able to get to know each other in a…

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Festive opening of the SHA room

After the introduction and graduation event on Monday, this Wednesday it was time to officially open the brand new SHA Room.  There was free cake, the possibility to sign up…

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Introduction and Graduation event

Introduction, graduation and a board change, a lot has happened this Monday.  The evening started with an introduction into the SHA for the new honours students. They learned about the…

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