Science Honours Academy


20 January 2020
17:15 - 22:00
Ruppert building, Room Red, Utrecht University

Symposium: Brain Manipulation

Are brain implants the future of thinking? Do we even live in the real world, or is it all a simulation?

The growing science of memory manipulation raises social and ethical questions. Through personal interaction with our outside world, we guide ourselves and our behaviours together with our thoughts, memories, and experiences. What if these could be manipulated? The SHA symposium committee has organised an amazing symposium on this! Want to find out more about this topic, then we hope to see you there!

The speakers and an overview of the program will be announced later, but to already give a glimpse: our “own” Corette Wierenga is one of the speakers! She will be talking about her research on ‘synaptic physiology’.

The symposium will start at 17:15 in Ruppert Rood. Make sure to register before that time. The lecture hall will be open from 17:00.

2 educational points (0.25 ECTS in the old system) can be earned by attending the symposium itself. After the symposium, there will be a borrel. Feel free to grab a drink (for free!) and chat with your fellow Honours students. Attending the borrel rewards you with 1 social point.

In the break of the symposium, the poster presentations of the Fall Interdisciplinary Project 2019/2020 will take place in the hall of the Ruppert building. In addition to these presentations, which can be attended for 1 educational point (0.125 in the old system), pizza will be served in the break (also for free!). You can fill in your preference for a pizza when signing up for the symposium.

The deadline for signing up is Monday the 13th of January 2020 at 15:00.