Science Honours Academy


12 February 2020
AMOLF, Science Park 104, 1098 XG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

National Trip to AMOLF

 AMOLF researchers study complex matter, such as light at the nanoscale, living matter, designer matter, and nanoscale solar cells. These insights open up opportunities to create new functional materials and to find solutions to societal challenges.

The members of the second national trip committee are proud to announce that the second national trip of the year will take place on Wednesday the 12th of February!

The national trip takes place in our beautiful capital city Amsterdam, where we will be visiting AMOLF, the institute for atomic and molecular physics. The story of AMOLF begins in 1946 when it was established by the Dutch government ‘to initiate fundamental scientific research in the Netherlands on matter in the general sense, and to support higher education’. Since then it has grown into an institute with 161 employees (FTE) and a yearly turnover of about 17 million euros. At their complex on the Amsterdam Science Park they conduct ground-breaking research into (roughly) four fields:
Nanophotonics: the interaction of light and matter at scales of single molecules and femtoseconds
Nanophotovoltaics: the ongoing pursuit of improving solar cells and panels, by downscaling and improving their light-capturing capabilities
Designer matter: the designing and producing of smart materials, which they hope could find applications from robotics to pharmaceuticals
Living matter: the physical approach to biology, in an attempt to answer some of the most basic yet most intriguing questions ever: how did life; tissues, organs, and organisms, come to be?
As you can see, AMOLF is a truly multidisciplinary institute where we feel all the studies involved with the SHA can find something to their liking. The trip will be worth 3 educational points and begins at 14:00. The AMOLF is located at Science park 104.
For more (and arguably better) information on the research, AMOLF conducts, visit their website at
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Kind regards,
The National Trip committee
Trip to AMOLF
February 12 14:00
3 educational points