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Bachelor’s Open Days

Are you known for your hunger for knowledge, do you have a critical attitude and do you have perseverance? Or would you like to learn these skills? Do you also enjoy working together with motivated fellow students and teachers? Then honours is really something for you! The honours community will be on the open days at Utrecht University too!

Honours education is an extra challenging path that goes further where your regular university education ends. You follow honours education in addition to your regular education. The education is broadening and deepening and the interdisciplinary programmes give you the space to look beyond the boundaries of your own field.

The honours programmes usually have a later intake than your regular study program, so you don’t have to decide right away. When you have taken part in U-Talent, you can almost always join the honours programme! Therefore, if you have finished the U-Talent, please communicate this with the coordinator or the Science Honours Academy.

We hope to see you all on the Open Days at Utrecht University!