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Symposium: The history of natural science

The first symposium of the year! This symposium will be held on Tuesday, October 22 from 17:00 until 21:00, the theme will be the history of natural science. The speakers…

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Bingo Night

Bingo night in the SHA room, organised by the Excursion Committee on the 15th of October 2019. It will start at 17.00 and ends at around 19.00 and there are…

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Opening Academic Honours Year

The Opening of the Academic Honours Year 2019-2020 is an amazing time to meet all your fellow honours students and to celebrate another wonderful year! This event will take place…

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International Trip 2019

The academic year has only just started, but we are here to plan your next vacation. Every year, an educational trip is organized the International Trip Committee, and this year…

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The holiday is coming to its end…

After having the luxury of being home (or some other place that is not uni) for TWO MONTHS, it is time to return to the routine of your student life…

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On September 12, an introductory talk will take place in KBG – Atlas for the new honours students. On this evening the destination of the International trip 2019 will be…

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Newsletter – January 2019

When clicking the link below, you can have a look at the newsletter of November, which informs you about all our upcoming events and other information. Newsletter January 2019

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Excursion – Beer tasting

On January 17th the SHA Excursion committee organised a beer tasting night! Accompanied by some french fries and a snack to lay a goede bodem, as many as 5 ‘speciaalbiertjes’…

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National Trip – DIFFER

By a National Trip visitor: ‘The National Trip to DIFFER was a fun and new experience for me. I felt like I got to look around in a unique facility….

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