Science Honours Academy


25 November 2021

QBio Symposium: ‘The Brain in Numbers’ [postponed]

It is no exaggeration to say that the human brain is an impressive organ. No other brain in the animal kingdom is capable of generating the kind of higher consciousness associated with human ingenuity, with our ability to make plans and write poetry. Yet the most complex structure in the known universe – as it is often described – is more mysterious than the least-explored regions of the deepest ocean. ?

The Utrecht Universities’ QBio Symposium: ‘The Brain in Numbers’ aims to shed light on this most complex of structures known to itself. ?
We invited five bespoken scientists in the field of neurosciences to talk about the ways in which today’s research focuses on precisely describing and analyzing the brain’s structure. From the cells, over connectomes and their electric dynamics, to the way quantum physics might help us explain how consciousness emerges, we tried our best to find a broad range of speakers to introduce you to the state of art in neuroscience and its numerous branches.
This event will be rescheduled.