Science Honours Academy


Review: Alternative International Trip to University of Johannesburg

Friday the 7th of May this years international trip was held. We went on a virtual journey to Johannesburg. In the morning we had two lectures held by a Dutch and a South-African professor. We learned all about the Agulhas current and leakage in the Indian Ocean. After that we were told everything about Johannesburg and the process of 3D-printing in their university. In the afternoon we had two talks from two companies, again one Dutch and one South-African company. Inqaba Biotec produces and provides all equipment for life science research in West and Central Africa. From Holland we had someone from the KNMI give an amazing talk, explaining their work and research on past, present and future climates globally and most importantly climate change. Our aim of this trip was for the Dutch students to get a good impression of Johannesburg and to get to know the students from their university. Therefore, in between the all the talks we planned for smaller groups of students from both universities, to get together and have an opportunity to talk and have fun with each other. We put together some games like 30 Seconds and Draw It! for the students to play, along with a Crazy 88 to do. The latter was very well received and we saw some amazing and fun moments from this. In the evening we had a little quiz for the people who wanted to join and after we went on Gather town, where we played a few fun games and had some chats with one another.

As organisers, we are very happy with the events of the day and we had a lot of positive comments from all of you. Thank you so much for participating and making this trip a succes.

– the Alternative International Trip Committee