Science Honours Academy


1 April 2021
13:00 - 17:00

Virtual national trip: Friesland Campina

The second National Trip Committee is excited to present you a virtual day trip to Friesland Campina! The National Trip will take place on the 1st of April from 13:00h. The meeting will take place via Microsoft Teams. The trip will begin with an introduction by the director of the company, followed by break out rooms in which experts will talk about different topics. Friesland Campina´s professionals have proposed 5 interdisciplinary topics, students can choose the subjects they are most interested in and they will like to learn more about.

A brief description of each talk follows: 

1.With big data towards a sustainable future.  

Jeroen Heck, Robert Ventura 

Big data in a dairy company, in our chain:  what does big data mean for Friesland Campina. Practical application on data & sustainability: How we calculate the farm specific footprint (resulting in planet proof products), and use milk/farm data to define whether a cow is outside grazing (“weidemelk”). 

2.Lipid oxidation in infant formula powders: markers of sensory defects during storage. 

Antoinette Toebes, Hans Nieuwenhuijse 

Improving and understanding stability of and changes in IFT. 

3.Membrane foaming, and making the perfect latte. 

Maartje Zijffers, Erix Schokker  

Cross Flow Membrane Foaming (XFMF) is a technique that is being used for the foaming of dairy products. An example is foaming of cappuccino milk in the Lattiz apparatus, an apparatus you may have seen in restaurants or railway stations. In a research project we study XFMF to get a better mechanistic understanding of the technology, so that we can support current and future development projects on foam technologies. 

4.The role of dairy protein in resistance and endurance type exercise. 

Jean Nyakayiru, Job van Leeuwen 

Have you noticed the growing number of protein rich products in the shelves of the supermarket? And are you wondering whether this is only beneficial for body builders? 

This talk will provide you with the latest scientific insights of how protein benefits recovery for different kinds of sports!   

5.Digestion, absorption, and postprandial metabolism of infant formula containing bovine milk fat. 

Jeske Hageman 

In infant formula different fat sources are used. The most common source is a mixture of vegetable fats, but a blend containing bovine milk fat can also be used. Based on the differences in fatty acid composition and triglyceride structure between vegetable and bovine milk fat differences in digestion, absorption, and metabolism can be expected. To test this hypothesis several in-vitro experiments and clinical trials have been conducted.  


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