Science Honours Academy


Review: Online Graduation Ceremony

On Monday 15 February, the honours graduation finally took place for the students who decided, two or three years ago, to join the Science Honours Community and have successfully completed it!

The honours certificate ceremony was originally scheduled in the UU academy building on October 22, 2020. Due to corona, the ceremony was cancelled one week before. After some attempts to organise the meeting on campus, the sights were set on an online graduation to celebrate this important and beautiful moment together. Friends and family were welcome to join as well.

The evening started with a plenary session with some kind words from Dirk Rijkers, the Science Honours Academy director. Also, a symbolic change of boards took place and a few graduate SHA students shared their experiences and gratitude. Everyone got something sent home to toast with. Afterwards, everyone went to disciplinary sessions, hosted by the coordinators of the departmental Honours Programmes.

As Dirk Rijkers said: ‘This is () where the Science Honours Community stands for: to build a strong community among the science students and to bring together all your talents and giftedness in an interdisciplinary way. Working together, learn from each other, and also enjoy and celebrate the results together. I really hope that you will remember all the activities organized by the SHA in this way. That is what we celebrate today!’

We want to congratulate all graduate science honours students on completing the Science Honours Academy. We wish you all the best for your further professional and personal life!