Science Honours Academy


30 Nov 2020 - 2 Dec 2020
17:30 - 19:30

Masterclass: Rhetoric in today’s society

We are happy to announce the first online Masterclass of this academic year! Frist Bloemberg from Het Debatbureau will come to teach us about Rhetoric in today’s society. The masterclass will be given on the 30th of November and the 2nd of December, on both days at 17:30-19:30. 

The past few weeks we have seen a lot of examples of how rhetorical skills are being used. Politicians all over the world want to persuade citizens to follow guidelines to stop COVID-19 from spreading, the US elections let to multiple speeches from both sides, and businesspeople are sharing how the Coronavirus crisis has impacted their business.  

In this online workshop in rhetorical skills, trainer Frits Bloemberg from the Dutch training organization Het Debatbureau tells you more about these techniques and how you can use them yourself. During the workshop, participants will get a general introduction and learn how these skills can help them in their (future) professional development and performance. The workshop is designed to learn how to communicate more effectively in a professional environment. The program makes use of insights from theoretical frameworks and inspiring examples of techniques that have been proven successful.  

Attention is given to the following aspects, amongst others: 

  • The basics of getting your point across  
  • Presenting your viewpoint in a persuasive manner  
  • Identifying strong arguments for your standpoint  
  • Understanding, using and seeing through rhetorical techniques 
  • Posture, use of your voice and non-verbal communication

This is an interactive workshop: You will also get to practice these skills yourself!