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1st Interdisciplinary Project Presentations

An interdisciplinary approach strives to broaden perspectives, to find new insights and to solve problems of a certain subject through the collaboration between different disciplines. It’s based upon the theory of synergy; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In this project students with different disciplines are thrown together to approach the studied subject. Communication is key here. Just like in business life, knowledge should be transferred in a way that everyone understands; this involves simplifying terms and explaining theories.

Many SHA students have been working hard on the Interdisciplinary Honours Project in the past couple of months. On the 10th of January, students that participated finally got to present their research at the Interdisciplinary Honours symposium in the V.J. Koningsberger building. There was a great diversity of studied subjects. It started off with an interesting, yet ironically difficult presentation about Complexity and after that the presentations began. Every group had a scientific poster with the main findings and interesting information about their subject. The subjects ranged from aging of humans to the epidemics of recent ebola disease to even the farthest exoplanets in our galaxy. Everyone could walk around and ask the students about their subject if they were interested and if they had any questions. A successful evening with an interdisciplinary approach!

If you are interested in doing this interdisciplinary project, a new one will start this 27th of February. A perfect opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge about a subject you have always been interested in and a great way to meet new people from other disciplines! An email has been sent with a sign-up sheet if you are interested.