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Poster Presentations of the Interdisciplinary Projects

Below is the photo report of the poster symposium on 22th of February 2016. Made by Louise Franssen

The behaviour of the AMOC and its future implications

An interesting project about the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, which is a major current in the Atlantic Ocean. Changes in this current could have a substantial impact on our climate in NorthWest Europe.

Poster-symposium-220215-001 Poster-symposium-220215-002
Microorganisms: A Way to Clean up Oil spills

This group researched how microoganisms can be used to combat oil spills. There is a big potential, but currently there are still a lot of problems using this technique. Poster-symposium-220215-003 Poster-symposium-220215-004 Poster-symposium-220215-005 Poster-symposium-220215-006

ISRU of water on Mars 

As we might have a shortage on fresh water in the future, this group researches how we might be able to extract water from a different planet: Mars.Poster-symposium-220215-007 Poster-symposium-220215-008 Poster-symposium-220215-009


An investigation of new techniques to treat people with antibodies Poster-symposium-220215-010 Poster-symposium-220215-011Drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier by way of magnetic nanoparticlesPoster-symposium-220215-012 Poster-symposium-220215-013

A Future 3D model for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

This group researched the possibilies of finding a better model than mice to research Alzheimer’s disease.

Poster-symposium-220215-014 Poster-symposium-220215-015Poster-symposium-220215-013

Protein folding: H-P model expansion

This group researched protein folding by the H-P model.