Science Honours Academy

Picture of the participants


Academic year off to a great start!

On September 14th of 2015 the Science Honours Academy officially kicked off the new year with an welcome event for the new students. A great chance for the students joining to get introduced the programme, as well as to meet their fellow honours students.

The evening started off with several presentations on the activities and committees in which they can participate during their time at the academy. The subjects of these presentations included:

  • The international trip
  • Symposium committees
  • The student board
  • The use of the websites

Throughout the evening the students were able to get a feel for what participation in the Science Honours Academy involves, what is expected of them, and the atmosphere of the Academy in general. In addition they learned about the way the VKC is used as an archive, and how we present ourselves at the university website.

At the end of the evening, the students were formed into mentor groups. Throughout the academic year they will organize activities, do committee work, and spend quite a bit of time with these groups and their mentor. They got some time to brainstorm about what kind of activities and committee work they wanted to do, and the ideas were as plentiful as they were good!

All in all we are looking forward to a great year, and we hope to see you all at the many activities bound to happen!