Science Honours Academy


12 April 2022

National trip: Seed Valley

Dear honours student,

We are happy to announce that we will be organizing the first on location National Trip in Alkmaar and Hensbroek this academic year! We are going to Seed Valley for interesting talks by researchers in the morning and a unique tour in the afternoon! ?

Seed Valley is a company that occupies themselves with plant breeding/biotechnology, located in the Dutch province of North Holland. ? Here, crops are developed and modified in such ways that, among other things, their harvest yield increases, they are resistant to diseases and taste better. The company tries to do all of this while using as little space, energy, and water as possible. ♻️

The day’s schedule will look like this:

09.30 Rendezvous at Alkmaar Centraal.
10.00-12.00 Seed Valley Talks | 3 speakers (2 researchers + 1 professor)*
12.00-13.00 Lunch break (will be provided)
13.00-15.30 Visit Dekker Chrysanten (plant breeder + propagator) | transport will be taken care of
*Talks are recorded. By attending, you accept there is a possibility of you (audience) being recorded for academic purposes.

Click here to read about Seed Valley and watch previous Seed Valley Talks to get an impression.

Click here for read about Dekker Chrysanten, which we will visit in the afternoon.

We hope you are all just as excited as we are! There is a maximum of 35 people that can participate, so sign up quickly! ✨ You can sign up until Monday, April 4th 16:30 or until the maximum participants has been reached.

? Tuesday, April 12th 09.30-15.30

?️ Attendees of this trip will receive 3 educational points for attending

If you have any remaining questions, please contact us at We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

The SHA National Trip Committee