Science Honours Academy


10 December 2021

Symposium: Technological Utopia

We would like to announce the upcoming symposium: Technological Utopia!Please join us on Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 10th of December from 17:15 – 19:30. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will be held online via MS Teams. The symposium will be about up-and-coming technologies related to beta sciences that could change the field significantly and hopefully bring forth utopic scenarios. ?
Four speakers will share their expertise on such topics during this symposium and the planning will be as follows:
Wednesday Dec. 8th Friday Dec. 10th
17:00-17:15 Walk-in 17:00-17:15 Walk-in
17:15-17:20 Introduction 17:15-17:20 Introduction
17:20-18:15 Silvia Milhaila (Organ on a chip) 17:20-18:15 Mariska Steensel (Neurotechnology)
18:15-18:25 Break 18:15-18:25 Break
18:25-19:20 Han Wolsten (Mycelium design) 18:25-19:20 Sven Nyholm (Humanoid robots)
19:20-19:30 Closing 19:20-19:30 Closing​
*The time set for each speaker includes ~10 minutes at the end for questions.
?️ Attending this symposium will get you 1 educational point per evening (i.e. you can also attend just 1 of the evenings).

?You can sign up via this link. Please specify at which evenings you expect to attend (attendance will be monitored).
We hope to see you at the symposium! ?