Science Honours Academy


18 - 22 April 2022

International trip: BUDAPEST

We, as the SHA International Trip Committee, are happy to announce that this year we can go abroad with our trip! ?

The destination will be Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary! This trip will take place in week 16 (18-22 April 2022). This will be a valuable experience, both educationally as well as culturally. Important information has been summarized below, and further practical information will follow later.

Last year, it was decided that higher year SHA students would not be allowed to join this year’s international trip. However, if there are enough spots left, we would like to grant some of you the opportunity to join this exciting trip anyway! Thus, if you would like to have a chance of going to Hungary in Week 16, wait no more and sign up below!


Information Details
? Location Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
Transport Touring car
Departure1 Monday, April 18th  00:30 AM from Utrecht Science ParkExpected time of arrival in Budapest: Dinner time
Return1 Friday, April 22nd
?️ SHA points International Points
QR code European Corona QR code, proof of recovery or negative PCR test might be mandatory due to COVID rules in countries on the route
☝️ For who?2 Priority: First year SHA students.
Costs €150 p.p.

1Week 16 usually is an education free week between blocks 3 and 4, reserved for (retake) exams. In case you do have classes and/or exams this week, make sure to notify your course coordinator about this in a timely manner, and discuss if there are alternative options.

2Higher year SHA students can only participate if there are spots left.